Scream – Halloween Special (English)

“I’m Emma Duval, I don’t need you!”


The kids are back with a Halloween special, which is like 10 days earlier, but hey, at least we get to see them again. The special begins with Kieran’s murder at the courthouse by another Brandon James mask killer, who at the end of second season called Kieran and promised to help him escape probably – so here we are – but in fact he just wanted to kill him for impersonating him, and my best guess is this the real Brandon James as we get to see in the end of the episode, or maybe is just another impersonator like Alex/Tom?

We start with seeing the gang being hunt down by journalists, so that explains the press they’ve been getting and how the new killer started obsessing about Emma (even though he could not have known she will also come along on the island, that was just taking a leap of faith from his side, but then again, it is just a TV show 😀 ). Noah and Stavo are apparently business partners now and after a hit graphic novel about the murders in Lakewood their manager Jeremy got news about a murder island, Shallow Grove, where back in the ’30s a teenager Anna Hobbs snapped and killed her parents, and the Whittens for which her mother worked, according to Stavo.

They are convinced by Jeremy to visit the island to do more research on the story and they bring Emma, Brooke and Audrey along as well, while Gina, Audrey’s new girlfriend and colleague at the movie theater decides to remain back home and work.

Not long after the Lakewood 6, now 5 (but at the end of the episode we can count Gina as well) arrive on the island, Audrey and Emma meet Alex Whitten – the descendant of the Whittens – or is he? People soon start dying, we first see three residents of the island getting killed which is quite fishy, however why we and the cast are wondering if this is a copy cat killer mashing up the Lakewood killer and Anna Hobbs. What I find weird is how when Emma finds Billie dead on the porch, the killer – or better said a killer – calls her informing her of that and telling her she will never get away from him, so that cannot be Alex/Tom since he never met her before, so how is that?


I actually thought it would be kinda weird for Emma to have another murderer boyfriend, and even though I was trying to figure it out in my head who is and how Jeremy and Gina did not seem capable I was still not thinking about Alex/Tom until he killed Jeremy. I mean this is a classic by now, to suspect the boyfriend – he is the usual suspect so he must not be, but he is. The story was well-rounded and all that Alex/Tom said it was plausible and it was a useful experience, cause Emma Duval figured out who she is. And that scene when she pretends she wants to run of with him, how she makes the switch and the look on her face, people might say that was bad acting, but that was bad acting by the character – which is natural because Emma is not an actress – but Willa Fitzgerald sure is and she has grown up so much, just like the rest of them. I remember when Alex/Tom said that she and her friends seem “way to calm and collected giving the circumstances”, that was funny, but indeed they have experience.

Even though Billie gave us a version of Anna’s story and then seeing the secret passage and the evidence Noah imagined another story, I think we cannot know for sure what the story was as he did not get a chance to finish and say why or who killed Reginald Whitten’s wife, also we do not hear about Anna’s parents as Stavo said in the beginning, but then again this is a horror story from back in the ’30s and they are just guessing or talking from hearsay, but his guess was probably pretty close.


I cannot wait to see who the killer is in season 3, I wonder if it is really Brandon James and if they are going to end the show, or maybe it won’t be him and they will keep it on for another season, but then again, will another of the Lakewood 6 become a murderer – that would be too heartbreaking, not that Kieran was not enough 😦


PS: my bad, just saw Emma’s dad at the end, yeah, he could have killed Kieran, but that does not explain the Mr James at the hotel and also the phone call to Emma, or maybe her dad is really crazy or maybe is just Brandon, or maybe the killer was her dad all along and Brandon was the victim, or maybe Brandon is her father and this will be a battle for Emma in the end? So many question, hopefully they will all be answered. Also the receptionist said Mr James, not Brandon, so it could be someone with the same last name or someone related to him, oh, we’ll just have to wait.


Humans Season 1 (English)

Another swell series from the Brits: Humans “In a parallel present where the latest must-have gadget for any busy family is a ‘Synth’ – a highly-developed robotic servant that’s so similar to a real human it’s transforming the way we live”.


The story begins with a few of these Synths roaming the forests of London, running away apparently, but what draws our attention is that they have human-like movements, self-conscience and feelings. Then we see how three of them are caught: Mia, Fred and Niska, and two are left: Leo and Max – later we will find out that just Max is a real Synth, Leo has half human brain and half machine.

His father, the creator of Synts: David Elster saved his life after he drowned when he was twelve – now my question is how did he grow up, could he grow up with synth technology in his brain? I guess he could so, since here he is, also when we see him hurt he plugs in and gets recharged thus healed.

The entire season 1 shows the struggle of the last two of finding the first three, whilst Fred and Niska are easy to make contact with, they are having trouble locating Mia so the other two have to stay put until they find her so they can all gather up. We see that Mia was completely wiped and was rewritten to be a house hold Synth, purchased by the Hawkins family. Slowly she starts getting her conscience back and the Hawkins want to help their Synth and her family. humans1

Leo has visions how if they all gather in one place – the conscious Synths – they will be able to connect to a tree and wake up conscience in the rest of the Synths on the planet. The Hawkins aid them in this plan, even though they succeed, the man working for the government to collect these special Synths: Professor Edwin Hobb, manages to set himself as primary user in Fred’s coding so the gang has no choice but to leave him behind so he won’t signal their location.

The Hawkins return to their home and the team divides again, with Fred left behind and Niska out to live her own life, only Leo, Mia and Max remain together. We also have Karen, who was created by Leo’s father in his mother’s image – but was rejected by him and the others because it was too painful, so she was left alone (not being able to take her own life – even though she wanted to – because David made sure she could not since his wife killed herself) she managed to fit in with the humans and ironically to work in a police unit meant to handle Synth cases. She is torn between helping the others and helping Hobb capture them – being angry they left her to survive on her own.

In the end – being drawn by her affection for Leo – she connects with them and shares the programme but Karen has a change of heart and almost shuts them down. Mia convinces her not to do that, so David’s programme is put together, they think about releasing it so all synths can gain consciousness but decide to store it on a hard drive and Niska gives it to a person they can surely trust: Laura Hawkins, however she secretly makes a copy for herself thus ending the show.

The second season will begin at the end of October, it remains to be seen how the second season will amaze us, a sneak peak:


How To Get Away With Murder 3×1,2,3&4


Noul sezon din How To Get Away With Murder debutează cu Wes fiind interogat pentru uciderea bruscă a tatălui său, la care a fost martor fără voia sa, cu ajutorul flashback-urilor vedem că el l-a găsit pe tatăl său cu ajutorul lui Frank. Acesta îl ucide chiar în fața lui apoi fugind ca lașul care e – Frank a devenit un murderer și nu genul care să scape cu asta ca în serialul nostru, deja a ajuns la numărul 3 – din câte știm noi.

Acum eu sunt cumva și pentru Frank și împotriva lui – pentru că am văzut cât de mult l-a durut că din cauza lui a fost lovită mașina lui Annalise și a pierdut copilul și cât de mult suferă că știe că nu îl poate ierta, nu pot să cred ca în final el are intenția să o omoare – pe de o parte dacă se ducea la Annalise și îi mărturisea ce s-a întâmplat în trecut, fie atunci fie acum, ori îl ierta ori îl respingea, dar în niciun caz nu îl omora. El i-a oferit ocazia potrivită, ca fugind, ea să angajeze pe cineva să îl ucidă, iar acum au ajuns la a se urî reciproc.

Vedem imagini din viitor și cum casa lui Annalise ia foc iar cineva este găsit mort, sau moartă, iar Laurel este rănită și însărcinată (doar Dumnezeu știe cu cine), iar la finalul episodului 4 d-nul Frank achiziționează o ceva care pare bună la aruncat o casă în aer, ca cea în flăcări a lui Annalise pe care o tot vedem din episodul întâi. Rămâne de văzut care e intenția lui de fapt și dacă el este de vină pentru ce s-a întâmplat în casă, si mai ales dacă a fost premeditat sau nu.


Michaela și Asher se cuplează, ca să folosim un termen cu care ar fi de acord amândoi 😀 Connor și Oliver sunt tot nehotărâți dacă mai sunt împreună sau nu, dacă se mai iubesc sau nu, până când Oliver se hotărăște că nu, iar Connor în lacrimi pleacă să stea cu Michaela, atunci aflând că ea și Asher sunt… cuplați.

Ceea ce mi se pare interesant și complet surprinzător este că Frank își face loc (știm cu toții cum, cum știe el cel mai bine) în spitalul de boli mintale unde este internat tatăl lui Bonnie și îl ucide pe acesta pentru ce i-a făcut lui Bonnie când era mică – și anume a abuzat-o. Acum, eu sunt de părere că Frank întotdeauna a purtat un mare respect și o mare admirație pentru Bonnie, aparent și o iubire – să fie oare fraternă sau de alt fel? pentru că el i-a mărturisit lui Laurel în episodul trecut că o iubește, de aceea i-a mărturisit și unul dintre cele mai mari secrete ale lui – și ale serialului – că el a ucis-o de fapt pe Lila.

Să ne întoarcem puțin spre Annalise, vedem că par afișe în tot campusul cu poza ei pe care scrie killer, am văzut un spoiler cum că în episodul 5 vedem cine e în spatele afișelor – mă gândesc că nu e niciunul dintre personajele principale– dacă nu mă înșel Rebecca avea un frate sau ceva de genul, deci e posibil să fie el.

Relația ei cu Nate pare cam terminată, se pare că e ca în realitate – atunci când un cuplu duce lucrurile prea departe, în acest caz se mută împreună, sfârșitul este aproape – pentru că Nate o însală cu procurorul Rene Atwood, nu am fost prea mult împotrivă când am văzut că Annalise se sărută cu Eve dar când aceasta o respinge pentru că început o altă relație – deși în trecut s-a dat la ea cu orice ocazie – e clar că o relație amoroasă între ele e de absolut domeniul trecutului și că Nate a comis-o.

Rămâne sa vedem ce surprize ne pregătește episodul 5 și bineînțeles, restul sezonului.


Chicago P.D. (2014) – 4×1,2,3&4 (English)


Chicago PD is back after last season we saw Voight kill his son’s murdered – if he keeps doing this an eye for an eye thing, soon he will be blind – I just have a feeling. He managed to get away now because Erin went and dug out the body!? I feel sick just saying and imagining that, I thank them for not actually showing us that. I understand she is thankful to him, as she stated – she owes him her life – but still, she dug out a body and what? took it somewhere else?

That is so unlike her, I thought I knew her character better and that she was not capable of something like that, but I guess – just like in life – I was wrong. I mean, I would have expected for her to go to Voight after the commander took her at the place where the murder and burial happen, and then he could have moved the body, but she did not, instead she avoided him and actually behaved kind of shady and made him suspicious of her behavior, that even I thought she was going to eventually rat him out. I guess she was just avoiding him so the commander won’t suspect they had something to hide, which was a smart move.

We see Kim Burgess’ new partner and her story, they look adorable working together and they make a good team, I am sure they have some good cases up ahead and I just hope they will both be safe.

We also see Trudy back in being the center of an episode, unfortunately not in a good way, her father is killed and she is assaulted, those were some awful moments in episode 3, I am glad we got over them and she is back to work in episode 4.


The team had a case in which we saw Kevin step into the light, it seems so far each episode the case will involve one of the characters, which is nice, I think it engages the audience more, at least it engaged me, even though I do appreciate a good case with lots of twists, but when it’s so close to home it feels more personal and better to remember, however that also might imply the main characters will be more often in danger.

Since I am just introducing this series here I will need to mention I did not watch it from the beginning, but I made up for the time lost and now I am up-to-date, it is not my typical kind of show, before I used to watch more cop shows – like NCIS Criminal Minds or CSI: New York, those were my favorites, are, but I have some seasons not watched I sometimes watch an episode when it catches my eye. I would need a lot of time to make up for the ones I have missed, hopefully one day – anyway what I was trying to say was that I started watching this because of the amazing gorgeous Sophia Bush who I admire as a woman and artist and I follow her on social media.

Soon after beginning to watch it I fell in love with the rest of the cast, their stories and their cases, as a plus, lots of hunks, I can actually say that I find attractive every single male character on this show – some physically, some through their  gestures and/or performance, some because of the character they portray (actually all of them in regards to that). Which is weird and quite unique, I am never attracted in a show by all the male characters, but nevertheless Sophia forever has my ♥.

Since I like this I guess I can say I also like Dick Wolf’s work, so I am thinking of giving a shot to Chicago Med and Chicago Fire, I am not fully aware of their cast but I am avoiding looking for it because I will surely be convinced.

The Girl on the Train (2016) (English)

The girl on the train is a very special girl. The girl on the train is a lost girl, a drunk beaten sad girl, a girl who thinks she is worthless – but she has no idea how much strength lies within her, what a gift she has that could brighten the world if she would just look inside and let it out, instead of focusing on the outside and on the life of others.


The description of the girl on the train can easily be my description, the girl on the train, Rachel (Emily Blunt) looks through the window at other people and imagines they live happy lives and she wishes she was one of the other girls.

She looks at Megan and thinks her marriage with Scott (Luke Evans) is a perfect marriage, she thinks they have everything she wants and everything she’s lost. She thinks Megan is an artist of some sort, a painter maybe, and Scott a doctor or a lawyer maybe. Once in while she also glimpses at the house that used to be hers, where now her ex-husband lives with the woman she cheated on her with, Anna, and their baby: Evie.

I loved how the characters were presented: neutral, and I loved most the first part of the movie before Megan’s disappearance, were we could just see life happening and these three women living their daily lives, intertwined as they were, but the fact that we saw each of them’s perspective is a really wondrous thing to watch. It captured their essence and presented their lives and flaws in such a way that not even a hater as myself could hate, I just stood there in my sit being amazed by this awesome film. I haven’t seen such a good film in quite a while, it always bothers me that all good films are inspired by books – I do appreciate books being put into films but it bothers me that very rarely we see good films outright, without a book before them or even without real events to be inspired by.

Of course the performance of each and every actor was simply amazing, and they were all perfect pieces to fit in the puzzle to create this beautiful film.

Having seen the trailer before and watching the story unfold I knew from the get-go that Rachel did not kill Megan even if she was fantasizing about doing that and the booze was altering her grasp of reality. From my humble experience of movies and series I know that the guilty is never the usual suspect, and I am quite set on analyzing the character and what the character says – she said at the beginning she was in love with a friend of her dead brother: Mac, and they would sometimes go away, I think she said a cabin or something and people would lose track of them and think they are dead – in my mind I decided she was not dead and was just away with that man, but after Megan told the story of her first child and then when she was found dead – also there was the scene in the woods when she was fucking another man, not the doctor – I was a bit puzzled, I thought that was Mac, but why would he after that kill her and how could he had come back after she had unwillingly killed their child years back. In the end it was proven it was Tom, Rachel’s ex, they were having an affair and things started to unravel.


Tom is definitely a complicated cookie, he had abused Rachel for years, he was a cheating bastard but he stayed with her for a while after she had become an alcoholic due to not being able to become pregnant, he stayed enough to make her think she was crazy and to make her thing she was the bad one taking of advantage of the fact that when she drank she would black out and not realize what she was actually doing – he was the real abuser, emotional and physical, not Luke’s character.

Megan recognizes she told some lies when going to the shrink so her story of Scott being possessive and controlling seemed a bit not real, or maybe I just like Luke so much I was not seeing it. He indeed reacted bad towards Rachel, but she did partially lie her way into his life, so I see his point of view, he could not have known her intentions were good. Scott was not a main character so we did not get to see his personality too much but I do think Megan was somewhat a whore – she admitted it – she did not want a baby nor to be a wife, did not know what she wanted but she enjoyed having an affair with a married man and screwing her shrink, I think her problems were deeply rooted in the loss of her first baby, maybe this new baby would have been something to bring her back to normal – but we did not get to see that.

Anna was first the other woman then the wife and mother, to now a suspicious wife – how funny is that what goes around comes around. It would have been nice to see more of her, maybe in the book she is better portrayed, I would like to read it some day. I hated that she just stood there as her husband was abusing Rachel after she herself found the proof he was cheating. But in the end she had no trouble coming and pushing the corkscrew in.


That was a beautiful ending – a man killed by a woman after not being satisfied with her and selfishly ends up abusing three of them and killing one – just like life should give us: There was nothing they could do, he was going to kill her, it was self-defense.

PS: On a happy note I need to mention the lovely Laura Prepon, I’ve known here since That ’70s Show but it took Orange Is the New Black to make me fall in love with her.

*Also the gift that I have mentioned for Rachel was her beautiful talent at drawing, and how in the end it showed her finally being able to embrace that, to find a meaning in her life and pull herself together.

American Horror Story 6×3,4&5 (English)

My Roanoke Nightmare continues as we get to see our characters looking for Flora and while doing that finding the house were the hillbillies from the first episode live, they found there two young boys, they were wild and dirty and did not speak, the only word they said was Croatoan, a word with mystical power, a symbol encountered in many TV shows like Supernatural(2005), Haven(2010) etc. the origin is as presented here in AHS: it was carved into a tree on Roanoke Island at the site of the Lost Colony in 1590.

The story continues as the characters start to realize they indeed might be dealing with haunting, we have a new character, a medium called Cricket that reached out to the Butcher and she shares their story and the fact that the land belongs to the Colony and they will do anything to take it back.


He presents the story of the old Colony and how– as Lee says Roanoke is indeed a scary story of the missing colony but Roanoke was an hour away from them, but Cricket tells the story of how the colony wanting to go back to England traveled and met the Croatoan land were the woman the Butcher used to be sold her soul and made a deal with a witch to save her people, she had to kill them all to bound them to her and her wish – ever since their purpose was to haunt the land and “protect” it from all trespassers through blood sacrifice. The witch is Lady Gaga – it seems that before I thought she was just an adviser – she is actually the ringleader.

Further we see Dr. Elias Cunningham being actually alive coming to warn them and to help them, explaining how the Colony wants all the inhabitants to leave all die, he talks about an Asian family that was killed while inhabiting the house, later in episode 5 we actually get to see the story of the initial owner of the house, Evan’s character – finally.

Later we see Cricket disappearing after making a deal with the Witch promising Matt, who when having sex with her he sees her past sad story – I just had a Hotel flashback, of how they showed the past of the characters, their pain and their misery before they became ghosts, it was such a beautifully rounded story – I am curious what will happen now that our characters got away: how will this get better and I wonder if Evan will be a part of it 😀

We go back and forth in time and see Ambrose, Wes’ character, slowly turning against his mother, until episode 5 when he takes her into the flames thus saving Flora and our characters, when Lee appears and they run away in a car.s5

Going back to the story of the initial owner of the house: Edward Phillipe Mott, Evan’s character who was quite awful while alive now helps our characters run away from the Butcher, but unfortunately they are caught by the hillbillies and now we get to meet their mother, that is Frances Conroy who we have seen in past seasons.

Now that months have past and our characters are saved and away from the house –though Shelby is still having nightmares – I wonder what lies ahead, will they go back?

Lucifer 2×1,2&3

Luci a revenit cu cel de-al doilea sezon după un final de sezon întâi răsunător, trebuiesc să recunosc că am început să-l văd pentru ideea de Lucifer căzut pe Pământ – inițial nu am fost impresionată nici de personaje, nici de acțiune, mă așteptam la ceva cu mai mult supranatural – așa ca în Supernatural, că deh… apoi am continuat să-l urmăresc de plictiseală și am zis dacă tot l-am început…

De obicei văd episoadele online după ce apare câte unul, la fiecare serial, însă de Luci uitasem complet așa că se apropia de finalul sezonului unu – de fapt se terminase deja că apăruseră ultimele trei episoade și le-am văzut consecutiv și am fost . Am zis nu e normal să mă faci să nu mă mai uit și apoi să livrezi așa final, măi, serialule! Și spunând acestea de-abia așteptam s-o văd pe mama lui Luci.


S-a lăsat ea așteptată dar a apărut într-un final, și văd că și sezonul doi ne servește aceeași plăcintă – așa rece, cool, cazuri unul și altul iar printre picături ne mai arată o Maze, o mamă de îngeri, un înger care-și pierde aripile, acum la sfârșitul episodului își dă seama și mama celestă că ea e tot celestă, duh! Sunt curioasă dacă o să folosească această putere cerească redescoperită să încingă treaba sau se păstrează același spirit culeanu ca până acum, de drac la costum – arătos, nu spun nu, but I’m in this for the trouble – restul probabil pentru umanitate, că deh, doar ne(vă) place să vedem umanitate pân’ și la dracu’ numa’ la noi nu. Sau poate au exagerat ăștia prin Supernatural&Co și au făcut the dark business too appealing.


Ce vreau să spun e că dacă o ține tot așa să ne arunce câte un os la sfarșit de episod înseamnă că tre să fac pauză să aștept ultimele trei episoade din sezon iar. O să vedem în următorul episod dacă-și mai aduce mama Evil aminte ce-a descoperit ea la sfârșitul episodului trei. Țin minte – cu nostalgie, iubire si dor nespus – că prin True Blood făceau d-astea: ce era mai interesant se întâmpla la sfârșitul episodului mereu, iar la următorul episod săreau complet peste moment și arătau consecințele sau uneori nimic, ca deh, nu e ca și cum faptul că rămăsesei cu inima la gură în episodul trecut conta.

Rămâne să vedem dacă Lucifer ne-a rezervat niște surprize frumoase în următoarele episoade sau mai bine îl lăsăm frumos să apară și facem un maraton la sfârșit, it’s all up to you, Luci!