American Horror Story 6×3,4&5 (English)

My Roanoke Nightmare continues as we get to see our characters looking for Flora and while doing that finding the house were the hillbillies from the first episode live, they found there two young boys, they were wild and dirty and did not speak, the only word they said was Croatoan, a word with mystical power, a symbol encountered in many TV shows like Supernatural(2005), Haven(2010) etc. the origin is as presented here in AHS: it was carved into a tree on Roanoke Island at the site of the Lost Colony in 1590.

The story continues as the characters start to realize they indeed might be dealing with haunting, we have a new character, a medium called Cricket that reached out to the Butcher and she shares their story and the fact that the land belongs to the Colony and they will do anything to take it back.


He presents the story of the old Colony and how– as Lee says Roanoke is indeed a scary story of the missing colony but Roanoke was an hour away from them, but Cricket tells the story of how the colony wanting to go back to England traveled and met the Croatoan land were the woman the Butcher used to be sold her soul and made a deal with a witch to save her people, she had to kill them all to bound them to her and her wish – ever since their purpose was to haunt the land and “protect” it from all trespassers through blood sacrifice. The witch is Lady Gaga – it seems that before I thought she was just an adviser – she is actually the ringleader.

Further we see Dr. Elias Cunningham being actually alive coming to warn them and to help them, explaining how the Colony wants all the inhabitants to leave all die, he talks about an Asian family that was killed while inhabiting the house, later in episode 5 we actually get to see the story of the initial owner of the house, Evan’s character – finally.

Later we see Cricket disappearing after making a deal with the Witch promising Matt, who when having sex with her he sees her past sad story – I just had a Hotel flashback, of how they showed the past of the characters, their pain and their misery before they became ghosts, it was such a beautifully rounded story – I am curious what will happen now that our characters got away: how will this get better and I wonder if Evan will be a part of it 😀

We go back and forth in time and see Ambrose, Wes’ character, slowly turning against his mother, until episode 5 when he takes her into the flames thus saving Flora and our characters, when Lee appears and they run away in a car.s5

Going back to the story of the initial owner of the house: Edward Phillipe Mott, Evan’s character who was quite awful while alive now helps our characters run away from the Butcher, but unfortunately they are caught by the hillbillies and now we get to meet their mother, that is Frances Conroy who we have seen in past seasons.

Now that months have past and our characters are saved and away from the house –though Shelby is still having nightmares – I wonder what lies ahead, will they go back?


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