Chicago P.D. (2014) – 4×1,2,3&4 (English)


Chicago PD is back after last season we saw Voight kill his son’s murdered – if he keeps doing this an eye for an eye thing, soon he will be blind – I just have a feeling. He managed to get away now because Erin went and dug out the body!? I feel sick just saying and imagining that, I thank them for not actually showing us that. I understand she is thankful to him, as she stated – she owes him her life – but still, she dug out a body and what? took it somewhere else?

That is so unlike her, I thought I knew her character better and that she was not capable of something like that, but I guess – just like in life – I was wrong. I mean, I would have expected for her to go to Voight after the commander took her at the place where the murder and burial happen, and then he could have moved the body, but she did not, instead she avoided him and actually behaved kind of shady and made him suspicious of her behavior, that even I thought she was going to eventually rat him out. I guess she was just avoiding him so the commander won’t suspect they had something to hide, which was a smart move.

We see Kim Burgess’ new partner and her story, they look adorable working together and they make a good team, I am sure they have some good cases up ahead and I just hope they will both be safe.

We also see Trudy back in being the center of an episode, unfortunately not in a good way, her father is killed and she is assaulted, those were some awful moments in episode 3, I am glad we got over them and she is back to work in episode 4.


The team had a case in which we saw Kevin step into the light, it seems so far each episode the case will involve one of the characters, which is nice, I think it engages the audience more, at least it engaged me, even though I do appreciate a good case with lots of twists, but when it’s so close to home it feels more personal and better to remember, however that also might imply the main characters will be more often in danger.

Since I am just introducing this series here I will need to mention I did not watch it from the beginning, but I made up for the time lost and now I am up-to-date, it is not my typical kind of show, before I used to watch more cop shows – like NCIS Criminal Minds or CSI: New York, those were my favorites, are, but I have some seasons not watched I sometimes watch an episode when it catches my eye. I would need a lot of time to make up for the ones I have missed, hopefully one day – anyway what I was trying to say was that I started watching this because of the amazing gorgeous Sophia Bush who I admire as a woman and artist and I follow her on social media.

Soon after beginning to watch it I fell in love with the rest of the cast, their stories and their cases, as a plus, lots of hunks, I can actually say that I find attractive every single male character on this show – some physically, some through their  gestures and/or performance, some because of the character they portray (actually all of them in regards to that). Which is weird and quite unique, I am never attracted in a show by all the male characters, but nevertheless Sophia forever has my ♥.

Since I like this I guess I can say I also like Dick Wolf’s work, so I am thinking of giving a shot to Chicago Med and Chicago Fire, I am not fully aware of their cast but I am avoiding looking for it because I will surely be convinced.


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