Humans Season 1 (English)

Another swell series from the Brits: Humans “In a parallel present where the latest must-have gadget for any busy family is a ‘Synth’ – a highly-developed robotic servant that’s so similar to a real human it’s transforming the way we live”.


The story begins with a few of these Synths roaming the forests of London, running away apparently, but what draws our attention is that they have human-like movements, self-conscience and feelings. Then we see how three of them are caught: Mia, Fred and Niska, and two are left: Leo and Max – later we will find out that just Max is a real Synth, Leo has half human brain and half machine.

His father, the creator of Synts: David Elster saved his life after he drowned when he was twelve – now my question is how did he grow up, could he grow up with synth technology in his brain? I guess he could so, since here he is, also when we see him hurt he plugs in and gets recharged thus healed.

The entire season 1 shows the struggle of the last two of finding the first three, whilst Fred and Niska are easy to make contact with, they are having trouble locating Mia so the other two have to stay put until they find her so they can all gather up. We see that Mia was completely wiped and was rewritten to be a house hold Synth, purchased by the Hawkins family. Slowly she starts getting her conscience back and the Hawkins want to help their Synth and her family. humans1

Leo has visions how if they all gather in one place – the conscious Synths – they will be able to connect to a tree and wake up conscience in the rest of the Synths on the planet. The Hawkins aid them in this plan, even though they succeed, the man working for the government to collect these special Synths: Professor Edwin Hobb, manages to set himself as primary user in Fred’s coding so the gang has no choice but to leave him behind so he won’t signal their location.

The Hawkins return to their home and the team divides again, with Fred left behind and Niska out to live her own life, only Leo, Mia and Max remain together. We also have Karen, who was created by Leo’s father in his mother’s image – but was rejected by him and the others because it was too painful, so she was left alone (not being able to take her own life – even though she wanted to – because David made sure she could not since his wife killed herself) she managed to fit in with the humans and ironically to work in a police unit meant to handle Synth cases. She is torn between helping the others and helping Hobb capture them – being angry they left her to survive on her own.

In the end – being drawn by her affection for Leo – she connects with them and shares the programme but Karen has a change of heart and almost shuts them down. Mia convinces her not to do that, so David’s programme is put together, they think about releasing it so all synths can gain consciousness but decide to store it on a hard drive and Niska gives it to a person they can surely trust: Laura Hawkins, however she secretly makes a copy for herself thus ending the show.

The second season will begin at the end of October, it remains to be seen how the second season will amaze us, a sneak peak:



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