Scream – Halloween Special (English)

“I’m Emma Duval, I don’t need you!”


The kids are back with a Halloween special, which is like 10 days earlier, but hey, at least we get to see them again. The special begins with Kieran’s murder at the courthouse by another Brandon James mask killer, who at the end of second season called Kieran and promised to help him escape probably – so here we are – but in fact he just wanted to kill him for impersonating him, and my best guess is this the real Brandon James as we get to see in the end of the episode, or maybe is just another impersonator like Alex/Tom?

We start with seeing the gang being hunt down by journalists, so that explains the press they’ve been getting and how the new killer started obsessing about Emma (even though he could not have known she will also come along on the island, that was just taking a leap of faith from his side, but then again, it is just a TV show 😀 ). Noah and Stavo are apparently business partners now and after a hit graphic novel about the murders in Lakewood their manager Jeremy got news about a murder island, Shallow Grove, where back in the ’30s a teenager Anna Hobbs snapped and killed her parents, and the Whittens for which her mother worked, according to Stavo.

They are convinced by Jeremy to visit the island to do more research on the story and they bring Emma, Brooke and Audrey along as well, while Gina, Audrey’s new girlfriend and colleague at the movie theater decides to remain back home and work.

Not long after the Lakewood 6, now 5 (but at the end of the episode we can count Gina as well) arrive on the island, Audrey and Emma meet Alex Whitten – the descendant of the Whittens – or is he? People soon start dying, we first see three residents of the island getting killed which is quite fishy, however why we and the cast are wondering if this is a copy cat killer mashing up the Lakewood killer and Anna Hobbs. What I find weird is how when Emma finds Billie dead on the porch, the killer – or better said a killer – calls her informing her of that and telling her she will never get away from him, so that cannot be Alex/Tom since he never met her before, so how is that?


I actually thought it would be kinda weird for Emma to have another murderer boyfriend, and even though I was trying to figure it out in my head who is and how Jeremy and Gina did not seem capable I was still not thinking about Alex/Tom until he killed Jeremy. I mean this is a classic by now, to suspect the boyfriend – he is the usual suspect so he must not be, but he is. The story was well-rounded and all that Alex/Tom said it was plausible and it was a useful experience, cause Emma Duval figured out who she is. And that scene when she pretends she wants to run of with him, how she makes the switch and the look on her face, people might say that was bad acting, but that was bad acting by the character – which is natural because Emma is not an actress – but Willa Fitzgerald sure is and she has grown up so much, just like the rest of them. I remember when Alex/Tom said that she and her friends seem “way to calm and collected giving the circumstances”, that was funny, but indeed they have experience.

Even though Billie gave us a version of Anna’s story and then seeing the secret passage and the evidence Noah imagined another story, I think we cannot know for sure what the story was as he did not get a chance to finish and say why or who killed Reginald Whitten’s wife, also we do not hear about Anna’s parents as Stavo said in the beginning, but then again this is a horror story from back in the ’30s and they are just guessing or talking from hearsay, but his guess was probably pretty close.


I cannot wait to see who the killer is in season 3, I wonder if it is really Brandon James and if they are going to end the show, or maybe it won’t be him and they will keep it on for another season, but then again, will another of the Lakewood 6 become a murderer – that would be too heartbreaking, not that Kieran was not enough 😦


PS: my bad, just saw Emma’s dad at the end, yeah, he could have killed Kieran, but that does not explain the Mr James at the hotel and also the phone call to Emma, or maybe her dad is really crazy or maybe is just Brandon, or maybe the killer was her dad all along and Brandon was the victim, or maybe Brandon is her father and this will be a battle for Emma in the end? So many question, hopefully they will all be answered. Also the receptionist said Mr James, not Brandon, so it could be someone with the same last name or someone related to him, oh, we’ll just have to wait.


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