American Horror Story 6×6,7&8 (English)

Well, that escalated quickly.

As exciting as the idea of showing us the reality of the real couple Matt and Shelby, and of the actors that played them on the reality show in the show American Horror Story, the fact that they will die and only one remains is not as appealing, I mean when you think about the first season everyone died, but at least we got to see them as ghosts, as in Hotel, but not here :/


And the fact that they killed off Evan’s character in episode 6 that was a big no-no, but then again this season is shorter and there are only a few episode left to go, and plus at the end of episode 8 we see Wes showing up as Dylan (even though when Audrey said his name I understood Gillian or something, or is just her British accent acting up? although I think her Brit accent is pretty good), the guy that played Ambrose, the Butcher’s son in the reality show; that will be fun – even though I prefer him as a serial killer, or at least a killer – I will just be glad I get to see him, since Evan is gone.

If by any miracle we get Finn till the end of this season I will be most glad, because Hotel did not do him justice. Scratch that, I checked this out, he was in it as one of the hillbillies, the one Lee kills to escape. I did not even notice.


But what about that news flash that Lee actually killed her husband, and Shelby killed Matt – this people are going crazy or what? Then she locks Dom outside the room and he gets killed, I hope that bitch dies next. She did have the strength though to kill the hillbilly and the mother and saved Audrey, so kudos for that.

So we have 4 characters left so far: Audrey, Lee, Dylan and Monet, I guess Monet will die next since it seems that she will be caught, or will she?


Westworld 1×1,2,3,4&5 (English)

Westworld(2016): another good one from HBO, they never fail to deliver. At the first glance of the trailer I thought “well, that looks nice, there is Evan Rachel Wood, Anthony Hopkins, James Marsden and the amazing Jeffrey Wright from my favorite Angels in America” indeed quite the cast. Furthermore since the very first episode there was that beautiful slow paced action like in all HBO shows (at least the ones that I have seen and loved), I love how they take their time to explore each emotion on a character’s face and body.


The story unfolds in a future time, when men have everything that they need these type of complex distractions, we have not seen very much of the outside real world except the headquarters of Westworld when guests were arriving. Westworld is basically an amusement park, were people come to play a part, to be amused and entertained, it is basically like a today’s movie or play, except the viewers get to play as well – the guests, and the hosts are the actors, who do not know they are acting, do not know they are actually robots programmed to do what the screenplay says, that’s what makes it authentic and more enjoyable.

Of course we are supposed to be against it, we are supposed to be appalled at the gore bloody scenes, I hear there have been some complaints regarding women’s abuse or such – I guess they managed to achieve what they were going for. We are supposed to look at it as if it were a possible future, just like the other show I have talked about, Humans, since today’s society is so focused on technological improvement – not the good kind, just the consumerist one, the entertaining and the money-making one – it is sad really, I am sure in the world of the show they actually evolved taking care first of people’s needs like poverty, education, hunger etc and then focused on the entertainment sector – unlike real life were the latest gadgets are all we live for.


The performance of the actors is of course impecable, I look forward to them reaching that maze. It will be weird to see the ‘bots realizing what they are, will they break out and try to fit in? How could they when they are so easily manageable by just voiced commands.

I guess it remains to be seen what the wondrous Westworld has to offer.

Timeless 1×1,2,3,4&5 (English)

I remember seeing the trailer for Timeless(2016), this new series about a few weeks before it started, randomly on YouTube after looking at another trailer.

I loved the fact that it had two of my favorite things (except the supernatural and magic), these things I loved before I was introduced to the luring world of series, and they are: history (more exactly re-enacting of history in motion pictures) and of course, last but not least: time travel.


It has also lots of other good things, first would be Goran Visnjic, I have seen him before in several movies and or series and his face and beautiful way of performing have stayed with me so I would obviously would love something he is a part of. The series also has a cute guy, of course, Matt Lanter who I have also seen before in series and or shows. 

We have the actress playing the main character, Lucy Preston – not really a new comer – but I can say I cannot remember her from anything else even though I see she was a star in other movies/shows, Abigail Spencer. To make the team a whole we have a funny character, in a quirk way – Rufus – portrayed by Malcolm Barrett, which we see later is not so funny when he starts working for the bad guys.

Last and not least, the series is created by one of the mighty ones, and that is the one and only  Eric Kripke, a name we (meaning I) have seen many times and we will still see for many times to come.

Timeless - Season Pilot

The team has to follow Garcia Flynn that stole a time machine to travel through time in important historical moments to create havoc in the present world – or is he? As we see from the short discussions Lucy has had with Flynn he is actually getting some data perhaps from an old journal that seems to have been written by Lucy herself – now I assume any rational person, or at least any person with a bit of background and knowledge in stories and/or time travel would think the journal is surely hers, maybe in the future she will remain captive in the past were she writes the journal and somehow that journal gets to present Garcia Flynn.

We also know his goal is to end Rittenhouse, which seems that no one knows what that is until we see them show up at the end of episode 4 and Rufus meets them first hand – people responsible for a great deal of suffering according to Garcia Flynn, including the loss of his family.

It remains to be seen what Rittenhouse is and how Garcia got the old journal with Lucy’s handwriting on it. And while we see that we get to see the team travel through space and time .

The Disappointments Room(2016) (English)

I saw the trailer for The Disappointments Room (2016) a few weeks back at the cinema and thought I definitely want to watch it. And now since Halloween was here, me and my friend wanted to go to the movies and see a scary movie to put us in the Halloween mood, it was this or Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016), I had not seen the trailer for that one and since I was set on seeing the one with Kate Beckinsale because it looked amazing (and I am longing for the next Underworld 2016) we did all we could to get there in time and get the best seats possible. 


And we did, even if we did not approximate correctly and the room was too big for the screen and we needed to be on the same line as the screen we stayed a few rows lower than bought.

It was all good and dandy, scary a bit but not enough to make us crap our pants or scream like lunatics (even though that is kinda what we wished for) we realized it was over without a proper ending, leaving us as Dana left the mansion – thinking it was all in her head, or was it not?


Maybe the writers were going for this – a woman that seemed to be imagining stuff because she was mentally unstable and clanged to some stories about the house and started tormenting herself – they definitely did since that is how the movie ended. But it was not satisfactory for the audience as it was not for us and as I saw online that it was not for other people, we wanted more, we expected more and we should have received more for a movie hitting theaters (unlike movies made only for TV or DVD).

I hate to say it but The Disappointments Room was indeed a disappointing movie, and seeing now the trailer for Quija I wish we had went to this one instead, nevertheless a lesson to be learned from this: ALWAYS WATCH A TRAILER BEFORE GOING TO THE MOVIES (for all the rest, we have the Internet).