The Disappointments Room(2016) (English)

I saw the trailer for The Disappointments Room (2016) a few weeks back at the cinema and thought I definitely want to watch it. And now since Halloween was here, me and my friend wanted to go to the movies and see a scary movie to put us in the Halloween mood, it was this or Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016), I had not seen the trailer for that one and since I was set on seeing the one with Kate Beckinsale because it looked amazing (and I am longing for the next Underworld 2016) we did all we could to get there in time and get the best seats possible. 


And we did, even if we did not approximate correctly and the room was too big for the screen and we needed to be on the same line as the screen we stayed a few rows lower than bought.

It was all good and dandy, scary a bit but not enough to make us crap our pants or scream like lunatics (even though that is kinda what we wished for) we realized it was over without a proper ending, leaving us as Dana left the mansion – thinking it was all in her head, or was it not?


Maybe the writers were going for this – a woman that seemed to be imagining stuff because she was mentally unstable and clanged to some stories about the house and started tormenting herself – they definitely did since that is how the movie ended. But it was not satisfactory for the audience as it was not for us and as I saw online that it was not for other people, we wanted more, we expected more and we should have received more for a movie hitting theaters (unlike movies made only for TV or DVD).

I hate to say it but The Disappointments Room was indeed a disappointing movie, and seeing now the trailer for Quija I wish we had went to this one instead, nevertheless a lesson to be learned from this: ALWAYS WATCH A TRAILER BEFORE GOING TO THE MOVIES (for all the rest, we have the Internet).


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