Westworld 1×1,2,3,4&5 (English)

Westworld(2016): another good one from HBO, they never fail to deliver. At the first glance of the trailer I thought “well, that looks nice, there is Evan Rachel Wood, Anthony Hopkins, James Marsden and the amazing Jeffrey Wright from my favorite Angels in America” indeed quite the cast. Furthermore since the very first episode there was that beautiful slow paced action like in all HBO shows (at least the ones that I have seen and loved), I love how they take their time to explore each emotion on a character’s face and body.


The story unfolds in a future time, when men have everything that they need these type of complex distractions, we have not seen very much of the outside real world except the headquarters of Westworld when guests were arriving. Westworld is basically an amusement park, were people come to play a part, to be amused and entertained, it is basically like a today’s movie or play, except the viewers get to play as well – the guests, and the hosts are the actors, who do not know they are acting, do not know they are actually robots programmed to do what the screenplay says, that’s what makes it authentic and more enjoyable.

Of course we are supposed to be against it, we are supposed to be appalled at the gore bloody scenes, I hear there have been some complaints regarding women’s abuse or such – I guess they managed to achieve what they were going for. We are supposed to look at it as if it were a possible future, just like the other show I have talked about, Humans, since today’s society is so focused on technological improvement – not the good kind, just the consumerist one, the entertaining and the money-making one – it is sad really, I am sure in the world of the show they actually evolved taking care first of people’s needs like poverty, education, hunger etc and then focused on the entertainment sector – unlike real life were the latest gadgets are all we live for.


The performance of the actors is of course impecable, I look forward to them reaching that maze. It will be weird to see the ‘bots realizing what they are, will they break out and try to fit in? How could they when they are so easily manageable by just voiced commands.

I guess it remains to be seen what the wondrous Westworld has to offer.


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