American Horror Story 6×6,7&8 (English)

Well, that escalated quickly.

As exciting as the idea of showing us the reality of the real couple Matt and Shelby, and of the actors that played them on the reality show in the show American Horror Story, the fact that they will die and only one remains is not as appealing, I mean when you think about the first season everyone died, but at least we got to see them as ghosts, as in Hotel, but not here :/


And the fact that they killed off Evan’s character in episode 6 that was a big no-no, but then again this season is shorter and there are only a few episode left to go, and plus at the end of episode 8 we see Wes showing up as Dylan (even though when Audrey said his name I understood Gillian or something, or is just her British accent acting up? although I think her Brit accent is pretty good), the guy that played Ambrose, the Butcher’s son in the reality show; that will be fun – even though I prefer him as a serial killer, or at least a killer – I will just be glad I get to see him, since Evan is gone.

If by any miracle we get Finn till the end of this season I will be most glad, because Hotel did not do him justice. Scratch that, I checked this out, he was in it as one of the hillbillies, the one Lee kills to escape. I did not even notice.


But what about that news flash that Lee actually killed her husband, and Shelby killed Matt – this people are going crazy or what? Then she locks Dom outside the room and he gets killed, I hope that bitch dies next. She did have the strength though to kill the hillbilly and the mother and saved Audrey, so kudos for that.

So we have 4 characters left so far: Audrey, Lee, Dylan and Monet, I guess Monet will die next since it seems that she will be caught, or will she?


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