“When they go low, we go high”

It’s weird, I actually used to think that I was the problem, that I was the one not able to fit in with others, but that’s not true. It was their fault all along, they are just not capable of accepting others. They bask in their modern, free, and accepting world, but that’s just fake! I’m sorry – but I don’t dig shitty petty human jokes*, I am better than that, I am just one step ahead of you on the evolutionary scale, I know there is no way you can comprehend that let alone admit it – not sorry!

I just can’t believe I have encountered a new kind of human low – no… I mean, I have met it before but not so direct and ruthless. If you are allowed to be selfish, and free, and do whatever you want, why can’t I?

Why now out of all times? Why now when I’ve managed to make some small but quality changes in my life? Why now when I’ve finally found the strength to start being myself? Why am I being met with animosity and dissapointment – even though I know I shouldn’t have expectations from people because they always dissapoint; I wouldn’t have guessed in a million years that a minimum of decency, politeness, and respect for just being a human being was too much too ask. I actually know why, it’s just another test, life is testing me again, it’s testing my patience to see if I’ve really learned my lesson. Good thing I’m good at tests.

I haven’t bowed to or served any man nor woman’s will so far in this life – in my previous ones neither from what I could gather so far, that is – and I do not intend to ever start! But in case I did and I am not aware, it ends NOW! That ends with me, now, in this life, in this time and space! I free my spirit and soul of servitude and duties to others, I release it to be its own free, beautiful self! The only thing it will be attracted to, the only thing it will offer is the one and most important thing in the entire world, in the Universe and Multiverse, the spark that ignites every type of existence: LOVE. I suggest you do the same! This is MY life and existence and I will act however I want!

PS: My spirit does not want, need, nor will engage or be around any kind of ill-wishers, energy vampires or emotionally retarded people. K, bye!

*bullying, nothing new here

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