“La La Land” laaa, whaaa’?

Review for the movie La La Land


La La Land, one of the most amazing beautiful pieces of visual and musical art I have seen since, I don’t know, The Great Gatsby? The champagne glasses and the pool party, the girls in pretty dresses and the music sometimes made me think about The Great Gatsby by Baz Luhrman.

Probably for people who had a chance to see a Broadway play it makes them think about that, but I haven’t seen one so I couldn’t say.

The story was rather clicheic but we had great performances from Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling and it made it enjoyable and at sometimes fun to watch until their relationship, just like shit, hit the fan.

It was very unlikely for a character interpreted by Ryan Gosling to not show up for an event that important for his girlfriend and be an asshole and screw up things like that, but then again, he too is a man. Damien preferred to be realistic in portraying Seb’s character and maybe this took out some of the cliche I was referring to and made it authentic, so maybe it was not a cliche?

Well that ending was, hmm, what is the word: pathetic? I mean, I understand it was just something Seb and/ or Mia imagined it could have happened but still, it was weird and definitely new, it was a gamble from my point of view, one that they surely won at the Globes. I do hope it will not become a trend for all movies to give alternate endings just like that.

If you think in essence, like I always do, that was quite the shit end, it shows how they could have been so much happier together (yeah, whatever, Seb was a jerk for not talking to her that night in the restaurant but he was upset and whatever, he’s a guy, then they get over it; indeed not showing up for her show was a thousand times shittier but forgivable, is not like he cheated, seriously). Meaning Mia’s new husband is just whatever, it’s like she settled, that is just sad, but then again, if that is not authentic and if that does not show what happens in real life with millions and millions of couples – lost souls living their lives wrongly – I don’t know what does. Amazing insight, Mr Damien, bravo!

With all this being said I need to mention something else, that aches me so. Since you did not end up with Seb, Mia, interpreted by Emma Stone, how in the world do you run from a dinner with Dandy?!? Oh my God! he could have been slicing up people together with Twisty at that table, and I could be tied up and waiting to be dessert, I would not have moved an inch or think of leaving, the fuck!!! It’s Dandy!!! Hollywood better get their shit together and see Finn‘s amazing talent and cast him into something banging cause I need to see that face on the big screen more, soon!

The music was, of course, hat down! I would watch it again just for that dreamy music that just fits perfectly to the movie, it’s like a unique dress made perfectly for the body of one single curvy gorgeous woman, that just slides right on to her, that is how amazingly the music fits with the movie and characters, I wonder if we will have an Oscar for La La Land?