Jackie(2016): First ladies are not made, they are born

A review of the movie Jackie (2016)


Jackie is a beautiful piece of cinematic art, I have always been drawn to the Kennedys and the short but glorious presidency of JFK.
Growing up I loved history and movies generally but I especially enjoyed (and cried at) every Kennedy related movie I was able to see. Researching the Internet there have been a lot of movies along the time about the Kennedys, out of which what I remember seeing were: The Women of Camelot (2001)Bobby (2006)Parkland (2013) and now Jackie (2016).

I find it ironic, or better said karmic,that I saw it on the 20th of January 2017, 56 years since the inauguration of the Kennedy administration in the United States on 01/20/1961.  It premiered on the 13th of January 2017 in my country, Romania, but I managed to see it right on the 20th. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

I think that I was meant to see this amazing movie with one of my favorite actresses, Natalie Portman. Her performance was powerful and spot on, as she is a very talented Academy Award winner, we could not have expected otherwise.

Her portrayal of one of the most famous of the First Ladies of US in history, Jacqueline Kennedy, made us relive the tragic assassination of her husband, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, back in 1963. With a well crafted performance we were able to get a glimpse into the life of JFK’s widow in the days after the assassination, the burial and the things she had to go through in those painful few days, as told by herself in the interview with reporter Theodore H White in Life magazine.

Jackie portrays the short Kennedy presidency as a unique moment in US history, one that will never be repeated and will always be remembered as Camelot: there will never be another Camelot, not another Camelot.

I beg to differ, I think the Obama presidency, both Barrack and Michelle have left a mark in the souls of American citizens, US history and the world, although the Obama presidency is not marked by tragedy as the Kennedy one, I believe it will always remain in history as memorable. Once due to the fact he was the first Black president, and secondly due to his and his wife’s both charming personalities as well as the love and respect they have for each other, their country and their marriage, and of course the things they did for America.

Coming back to the movie I was of course very moved by Natalie’s performance, and the close ups of when she is crying are cringing. If I were not in a cinema filled with people at that time, I would have cried my ass off.

It was a necessary movie for me, to remember me of my undying love for history, my capacity for empathy, the fact that life moves on, and how a woman can still love a man and honor him even after his death and a life of infidelity. Thank you, Jackie!

Timeless 1×1,2,3,4&5 (English)

I remember seeing the trailer for Timeless(2016), this new series about a few weeks before it started, randomly on YouTube after looking at another trailer.

I loved the fact that it had two of my favorite things (except the supernatural and magic), these things I loved before I was introduced to the luring world of series, and they are: history (more exactly re-enacting of history in motion pictures) and of course, last but not least: time travel.


It has also lots of other good things, first would be Goran Visnjic, I have seen him before in several movies and or series and his face and beautiful way of performing have stayed with me so I would obviously would love something he is a part of. The series also has a cute guy, of course, Matt Lanter who I have also seen before in series and or shows. 

We have the actress playing the main character, Lucy Preston – not really a new comer – but I can say I cannot remember her from anything else even though I see she was a star in other movies/shows, Abigail Spencer. To make the team a whole we have a funny character, in a quirk way – Rufus – portrayed by Malcolm Barrett, which we see later is not so funny when he starts working for the bad guys.

Last and not least, the series is created by one of the mighty ones, and that is the one and only  Eric Kripke, a name we (meaning I) have seen many times and we will still see for many times to come.

Timeless - Season Pilot

The team has to follow Garcia Flynn that stole a time machine to travel through time in important historical moments to create havoc in the present world – or is he? As we see from the short discussions Lucy has had with Flynn he is actually getting some data perhaps from an old journal that seems to have been written by Lucy herself – now I assume any rational person, or at least any person with a bit of background and knowledge in stories and/or time travel would think the journal is surely hers, maybe in the future she will remain captive in the past were she writes the journal and somehow that journal gets to present Garcia Flynn.

We also know his goal is to end Rittenhouse, which seems that no one knows what that is until we see them show up at the end of episode 4 and Rufus meets them first hand – people responsible for a great deal of suffering according to Garcia Flynn, including the loss of his family.

It remains to be seen what Rittenhouse is and how Garcia got the old journal with Lucy’s handwriting on it. And while we see that we get to see the team travel through space and time .