Mr Robot – Seasons 1&2

Review of Mr Robot, Season 1 and Season 2


Mr. Robot got me interested after seeing an awesome quote on Facebook, I think it was: “Fuck society!”, I said then: I have to see this! I couldn’t. A least not the first time I started watching it.

I could not force myself to be interested in it, it was so slow paced and those dead moments in which he was in his own head and kept talking to himself… I think I lasted until Christian Slater showed up cause I wanted to see him – love him, best thing about Interview with a vampire, him and the way Kirsten Dunst’s hair curls up.

But then I lost interest fast, I think I managed to see Carly too but whatever, gave up on it.

Then later on, I think a few months later, the Universe had me watch it again, when time was right( kinda how now it’s time for this review) can you say “love at second sight?” Oh, and what love, honey! Love at first sight or a life’s love does not even come close to this true love.

Elliot and Remi, of course, snatched my heart with his amazing acting, voice, and his funny, sometimes dumb faces, oh, acting at its finest, some shows are better that some movies, and their actors as well.

Christian appeared – DILF, at least I guess he has kids :)) – with his sparkling bad ass personality and acting, until his character was just Elliot’s mind acting up and being a jerk.

And a new amazing love: Martin Wallstrom, and that character, hot damn! I really got a thing for them deranged puppies. And when we thought he was dead, I mean when Elliot thought he was dead, I refused to believe he could be such an asshole as to kill him. Then Tyrell shot Elliot in the last episode of the second season, but he did have it coming and he did not die, it ended close to some Hamlet stuff but it’s fine.

Angela had more acting time in season two and she was actually likeable at times, Tyrell’s wife has the face of a major bitch so no matter how much of a bad ass bitch she was I just cannot stand her face, good acting though.

Funny cause Chaikin has a similar face, with blue eyes I mean, and that voice, that I found annoying in Suburbia, it tormented me for two days, could not remember where I knew that voice from, it was Dalia, the step evil stupid sister :))) Oh, I fell for Chaikin hard, she could do no wrong even if at times her character did the most stupid things ever – like killing Susan Jacobs, the fuck?

I cannot wait for the show to come back and see what surprises are in store for us from Mr. Robot.