Scream Queens 2×02 (English)

The next episode of Season 2 of Scream Queens shows us that No5 was not killed, which we already knew. Also we have the other Chanels bombing No5 again with their hilarious shenanigans which seems to be the theme of the episode, which makes it, as always, completely funny and adorable.

We go further to see Zayday suspecting the Dean of being the murderer, again, while that plays out we see Chamberlain keeps hitting on her, with a feeling that is going to keep on happening. Eventually when Zayday confronts Dean Munsch we find out that she suffers of a rare and incurable disease she got from eating human flesh without knowing – of course, how else?


Also we see another blast into the past where we discover the two initial murderers to have created the Green Devil to be killed by it. So is our present day killer the same? Is he old as that one? But if he got his revenge back then on killing the entire staff why is he back now? Or is it a copy cat? So many questions, only time will tell.

We see Kirstie Allie’s character make an appearance again, even though her purpose and intentions are still a bit clear until the end when she is listening to the Deans conversation with Zayday.

Doctor Brock and Chanel finally go out on a date and they are hitting it off, but soon doc will have competition in the form of – the one and only – Chad Bradwell. When Chad scares Chanel at the hospital dressed as the read devil, she mentioned that he is the one that scared her at the end of last season – I guess someone had to clarify that so they did. Then we see Chad’s friend suffering of a “rare” disease, since last episode we had only one case, this time things get complex and we have more diseases at a time, interesting.

We also see a showdown between Chad and Doctor Brock and we find out doc’s secret that his transplant hand is of a serial killer.


No 5 and wart guy become close, actually girlfriend and boyfriend, which makes me so sad to see him killed off in the end, but I guess him being cured and she being with him would have been a happy end and we don’t get those around here. Also the fundraising video was very funny, and the scene at the diner even more, although I love the attention No5 is getting, it would be interesting to see a story for No3 as well.

Dean has yet again a close encounter with a murderer, this time with the Green Devil as I call him, I wonder if there are more killers as in the previous season. For them to get inside the killer’s mind they go to make a visit and that way we get to see our previous murderer: Hester, with agent Denise Hemphill – now FBI – on board.


Scream Queens 2×01 (English)


The new Scream Queens season begins with yet another blast from the past where we have yet another premise to create a new killer. An unborn baby looses its father unfairly because of a doctor that wants to party more than doing his job. Now in the previous season we had college students that wanted to party and it can be understandable but a doctor, not so much, but then again this is SQ.

Years later aka the present we see Dean Munsch advancing in her career and reopening the hospital with hand picked employees, named C.U.R.E. – Caregivers United in Restorative Etiology wanting to basically… cure diseases. Then we take a step back (flashbacks, like always) and see how the previous killer was discovered and arrested and the unjustly incarcerated Chanels released – something necessary in order to continue this season with them free and with the knowledge the previous killer was caught so we don’t risk her coming back; what is strange though is how the previous season ended – I remember exactly how that was: with the previous killer above Chanel’s bed – nothing about that now huh.


I would say we have our first suspect at being the new killer, and that is Taylor Lautner’s character who seems to be the age of the killer baby, that is if the killer is the baby and not the momma or the not-dead-father, we shall see.

Then we see Dean Munsch bringing Zayday to work in the hospital because she apparently is a medical student now, she gets acquainted with the staff and the patients, then the Chanels come along, also brought by the Dean because of their “medical” jobs, rrright!


Their first patient is Chewbacca girl, they need to find a C.U.R.E. for her to stop growing hair, after lots of beautiful written and acted scenes of black humor we see contoured first the competition between the Chanels and Zayday, then the competition between the Chanels and Kirstie Alley, I wonder who she really is in the story (the killer??), we shall find out.

In the end, after the Chanels manage to save the girl by losing all her hair and the makeover we see them all going out on dates while leaving No5 on night shift. During that while captured in a bath next to the patient the Green Monster – as I call him, we shall see how they will call him, probably Green Devil? – the patient gets murdered and the finale of the episode is just monstrous, letting me think that my little miss sunshine gets murdered, but she does not, I checked IMDB and she is still credited until the end of the season: Score!

Can’t wait to see how the girls will deal with this new killer and this new season of SCREAAAAAAAMING!

PS: I did not mention Grace and her daddy because meh, is not like she was vital, got ma Chanels, all that I need. Although her daddy was nice, would like him to be my daddy once *wink*.