The Girl on the Train (2016) (English)

The girl on the train is a very special girl. The girl on the train is a lost girl, a drunk beaten sad girl, a girl who thinks she is worthless – but she has no idea how much strength lies within her, what a gift she has that could brighten the world if she would just look inside and let it out, instead of focusing on the outside and on the life of others.


The description of the girl on the train can easily be my description, the girl on the train, Rachel (Emily Blunt) looks through the window at other people and imagines they live happy lives and she wishes she was one of the other girls.

She looks at Megan and thinks her marriage with Scott (Luke Evans) is a perfect marriage, she thinks they have everything she wants and everything she’s lost. She thinks Megan is an artist of some sort, a painter maybe, and Scott a doctor or a lawyer maybe. Once in while she also glimpses at the house that used to be hers, where now her ex-husband lives with the woman she cheated on her with, Anna, and their baby: Evie.

I loved how the characters were presented: neutral, and I loved most the first part of the movie before Megan’s disappearance, were we could just see life happening and these three women living their daily lives, intertwined as they were, but the fact that we saw each of them’s perspective is a really wondrous thing to watch. It captured their essence and presented their lives and flaws in such a way that not even a hater as myself could hate, I just stood there in my sit being amazed by this awesome film. I haven’t seen such a good film in quite a while, it always bothers me that all good films are inspired by books – I do appreciate books being put into films but it bothers me that very rarely we see good films outright, without a book before them or even without real events to be inspired by.

Of course the performance of each and every actor was simply amazing, and they were all perfect pieces to fit in the puzzle to create this beautiful film.

Having seen the trailer before and watching the story unfold I knew from the get-go that Rachel did not kill Megan even if she was fantasizing about doing that and the booze was altering her grasp of reality. From my humble experience of movies and series I know that the guilty is never the usual suspect, and I am quite set on analyzing the character and what the character says – she said at the beginning she was in love with a friend of her dead brother: Mac, and they would sometimes go away, I think she said a cabin or something and people would lose track of them and think they are dead – in my mind I decided she was not dead and was just away with that man, but after Megan told the story of her first child and then when she was found dead – also there was the scene in the woods when she was fucking another man, not the doctor – I was a bit puzzled, I thought that was Mac, but why would he after that kill her and how could he had come back after she had unwillingly killed their child years back. In the end it was proven it was Tom, Rachel’s ex, they were having an affair and things started to unravel.


Tom is definitely a complicated cookie, he had abused Rachel for years, he was a cheating bastard but he stayed with her for a while after she had become an alcoholic due to not being able to become pregnant, he stayed enough to make her think she was crazy and to make her thing she was the bad one taking of advantage of the fact that when she drank she would black out and not realize what she was actually doing – he was the real abuser, emotional and physical, not Luke’s character.

Megan recognizes she told some lies when going to the shrink so her story of Scott being possessive and controlling seemed a bit not real, or maybe I just like Luke so much I was not seeing it. He indeed reacted bad towards Rachel, but she did partially lie her way into his life, so I see his point of view, he could not have known her intentions were good. Scott was not a main character so we did not get to see his personality too much but I do think Megan was somewhat a whore – she admitted it – she did not want a baby nor to be a wife, did not know what she wanted but she enjoyed having an affair with a married man and screwing her shrink, I think her problems were deeply rooted in the loss of her first baby, maybe this new baby would have been something to bring her back to normal – but we did not get to see that.

Anna was first the other woman then the wife and mother, to now a suspicious wife – how funny is that what goes around comes around. It would have been nice to see more of her, maybe in the book she is better portrayed, I would like to read it some day. I hated that she just stood there as her husband was abusing Rachel after she herself found the proof he was cheating. But in the end she had no trouble coming and pushing the corkscrew in.


That was a beautiful ending – a man killed by a woman after not being satisfied with her and selfishly ends up abusing three of them and killing one – just like life should give us: There was nothing they could do, he was going to kill her, it was self-defense.

PS: On a happy note I need to mention the lovely Laura Prepon, I’ve known here since That ’70s Show but it took Orange Is the New Black to make me fall in love with her.

*Also the gift that I have mentioned for Rachel was her beautiful talent at drawing, and how in the end it showed her finally being able to embrace that, to find a meaning in her life and pull herself together.