The Magicians – Season 1

Review for The Magicians, Season 1


The Magicians – Season two had to begin for me to realize that I need to write about the first season.

I will begin with mentioning how I barely managed to see episode one, my God, it was torture! I tried seeing it like three times, I have to admit my mother was there with me talking so I could not fully pay attention, but I do think one of the attempts was made when I was alone.

It is good I managed to get over episode one because then I fell for it and watched the rest of the season non-stop. I love everything that has to do with magic and supernatural things. As it was said about The Magicians it actually is a combination between The Chronicles of Narnia and Game of Thrones – well, not exactly GOT but something related to kings and a kingdom, so… Narnia 😛

I found the acting bad at times and the writing boring, but there were other moments when the story made up for that. Also, some other really hilarious moments when I thought I was watching a comedy show, all thanks to Eliot of course. And some sexy moments as well, still thanks to him.

I know there were other sexy scenes but he is the only one that does it for me, I mean look at that face, and he’s bi, could he be more perfect? I really don’t get it how he is not the main character, that’s Q? But then again El is the king so I guess, he kinda is the main. Or there is no main since we saw a lot of Penny and Julia, then I’m thinking it might become GOT cause without a main they can just kill off whoever they feel like? Hope not!

The story as I mentioned is phenomenal and at the end, we see the plot twist of the year that involves the Beast and Julia. Now that the new season is on I cannot wait to see what lies ahead, ready to be amazed again by The Magicians.