Mr Robot – Seasons 1&2

Review of Mr Robot, Season 1 and Season 2


Mr. Robot got me interested after seeing an awesome quote on Facebook, I think it was: “Fuck society!”, I said then: I have to see this! I couldn’t. A least not the first time I started watching it.

I could not force myself to be interested in it, it was so slow paced and those dead moments in which he was in his own head and kept talking to himself… I think I lasted until Christian Slater showed up cause I wanted to see him – love him, best thing about Interview with a vampire, him and the way Kirsten Dunst’s hair curls up.

But then I lost interest fast, I think I managed to see Carly too but whatever, gave up on it.

Then later on, I think a few months later, the Universe had me watch it again, when time was right( kinda how now it’s time for this review) can you say “love at second sight?” Oh, and what love, honey! Love at first sight or a life’s love does not even come close to this true love.

Elliot and Remi, of course, snatched my heart with his amazing acting, voice, and his funny, sometimes dumb faces, oh, acting at its finest, some shows are better that some movies, and their actors as well.

Christian appeared – DILF, at least I guess he has kids :)) – with his sparkling bad ass personality and acting, until his character was just Elliot’s mind acting up and being a jerk.

And a new amazing love: Martin Wallstrom, and that character, hot damn! I really got a thing for them deranged puppies. And when we thought he was dead, I mean when Elliot thought he was dead, I refused to believe he could be such an asshole as to kill him. Then Tyrell shot Elliot in the last episode of the second season, but he did have it coming and he did not die, it ended close to some Hamlet stuff but it’s fine.

Angela had more acting time in season two and she was actually likeable at times, Tyrell’s wife has the face of a major bitch so no matter how much of a bad ass bitch she was I just cannot stand her face, good acting though.

Funny cause Chaikin has a similar face, with blue eyes I mean, and that voice, that I found annoying in Suburbia, it tormented me for two days, could not remember where I knew that voice from, it was Dalia, the step evil stupid sister :))) Oh, I fell for Chaikin hard, she could do no wrong even if at times her character did the most stupid things ever – like killing Susan Jacobs, the fuck?

I cannot wait for the show to come back and see what surprises are in store for us from Mr. Robot.

American Horror Story 6×3,4&5 (English)

My Roanoke Nightmare continues as we get to see our characters looking for Flora and while doing that finding the house were the hillbillies from the first episode live, they found there two young boys, they were wild and dirty and did not speak, the only word they said was Croatoan, a word with mystical power, a symbol encountered in many TV shows like Supernatural(2005), Haven(2010) etc. the origin is as presented here in AHS: it was carved into a tree on Roanoke Island at the site of the Lost Colony in 1590.

The story continues as the characters start to realize they indeed might be dealing with haunting, we have a new character, a medium called Cricket that reached out to the Butcher and she shares their story and the fact that the land belongs to the Colony and they will do anything to take it back.


He presents the story of the old Colony and how– as Lee says Roanoke is indeed a scary story of the missing colony but Roanoke was an hour away from them, but Cricket tells the story of how the colony wanting to go back to England traveled and met the Croatoan land were the woman the Butcher used to be sold her soul and made a deal with a witch to save her people, she had to kill them all to bound them to her and her wish – ever since their purpose was to haunt the land and “protect” it from all trespassers through blood sacrifice. The witch is Lady Gaga – it seems that before I thought she was just an adviser – she is actually the ringleader.

Further we see Dr. Elias Cunningham being actually alive coming to warn them and to help them, explaining how the Colony wants all the inhabitants to leave all die, he talks about an Asian family that was killed while inhabiting the house, later in episode 5 we actually get to see the story of the initial owner of the house, Evan’s character – finally.

Later we see Cricket disappearing after making a deal with the Witch promising Matt, who when having sex with her he sees her past sad story – I just had a Hotel flashback, of how they showed the past of the characters, their pain and their misery before they became ghosts, it was such a beautifully rounded story – I am curious what will happen now that our characters got away: how will this get better and I wonder if Evan will be a part of it 😀

We go back and forth in time and see Ambrose, Wes’ character, slowly turning against his mother, until episode 5 when he takes her into the flames thus saving Flora and our characters, when Lee appears and they run away in a car.s5

Going back to the story of the initial owner of the house: Edward Phillipe Mott, Evan’s character who was quite awful while alive now helps our characters run away from the Butcher, but unfortunately they are caught by the hillbillies and now we get to meet their mother, that is Frances Conroy who we have seen in past seasons.

Now that months have past and our characters are saved and away from the house –though Shelby is still having nightmares – I wonder what lies ahead, will they go back?

Notorious 1×1,2&3

M-am gȃndit că ar fi mai eficient să scriu despre mai multe episoade odată pentru a ilustra ce m-a impresionat mai mult pentru că urmăresc prea multe seriale în același timp iar a scrie cȃte o cronică despre fiecare episod nu este rentabil, de-asemenea voi încerca să scriu și despre filme cȃnd și dacă mai văd.


De aceea o să încep acum cu Notorious, un nou serial marca ABC care a ajuns deja la al treilea episod, ieri l-am văzut pe ultimul apărut și pot spune că este mult mai bun decȃt mă așteptam. Are acel ceva care te atrage, poate doar pe mine pentru că îmi plac Piper Perabo și Daniel Sunjata – pe ea o știu încă de la Coyote Ugly(2000), a mai jucat și în Looper(2012) pe care l-am văzut cu drag și curiozitate, a mai avut apariții în niște seriale pe ici pe colo, vad pe IMDB, și bineînțeles a jucat în Covert Affairs(2010-2014) pe care l-am urmărit. Pe Daniel îl știu vag din apariții în diferite filme și/sau seriale, n-am știut pȃnă acum cum îl cheamă dar i-am reținut zâmbetul de neegalat 😀 Apariția lui pe care o țin minte este din serialul Lie to me(2009) cȃnd a interpretat excepțional un șarmant criminal în serie, un foarte bun actor, sper să i se exploateze talentul la maxim în viitor.

Parte din echipa de actori cunoscuți din acest nou serial mai face parte și Kevin Ziegers, care conform IMDB este actor de la vȃrsta de 6 ani, probabil de aceea eu îl știu dintr-un film de TV destul de vechi: Air Bud(1997) în care interpreta un băiat pe nume Josh, de aceea el pentru mine a fost mult timp Josh, văd că ulterior a jucat in mai multe filme și seriale, unele probabil le-am văzut dar nimic să țin minte în mod exact.


Dar nu contează trecutul, contează prezentul, ei fac o echipă destul de bună în acest nou serial, îmi place mult atmosferă alertă, aducă puțin cu ritmul uneori prezent în How to get away with murder(2014), atunci cȃnd la fiecare episod există niște lucruri neștiute și sunt relevate într-un mod incitant și surprinzător, de aceea mi se pare că Julia face cumva multă muncă de detectiv și chiar sunt curioasă dacă în realitate se întȃmplă sau ar fi acceptat așa ceva de la un producător TV – presupun că nu. Sunt foarte multe lucruri pe care ea le-a aflat și le-a scos la suprafață la TV înainte ca poliția sa știe, poliție care oricum pare absentă din toate aceste cazuri, înteleg că îl avem pe Jake și firma lui de avocatură, și apare la un moment dat un detectiv – cel care se ocupă de cazul lui Oscar – dar în rest?

Acțiunea începe cu un băiat ucis, hit-and-run, Oscar este suspectat, într-un final este dovedit ca soția lui era cea care conducea mașina care l-a ucis pe copil, însă ea este găsită ucisă în apartamentul lor înainte de a mărturisi, deși atunci cȃnd Jake o întreabă face pe neștiutoarea, Jake dȃnd vina pe efectele adverse de la niște pastile, pe care apoi Julia află că ea le-a cumpărat după accidentul cu pricina – înainte de a se pune întrebarea de ce a mințit, aceasta este găsită ucisă – convenabil – ea mergea atunci noaptea pentru a achiziționa un pașaport fals, chipurile voia sa dispară din viața lui Keaton, pare că are legătura cu Levi, avȃnd în vedere că s-a dat drept femeie pentru a chatui cu Oscar – însă Sarah pare că încă îl mai iubește pe Jake așa că nu văd cum avea o aventură cu Levi, sau poate doar îl folosea sa fugă iar el s-a enervat și a trimis pozele Juliei? Oricum el a devenit my number one suspect și al Juliei la fel.

Rămȃne să vedem ce surprize mai are pentru noi acest nou serial care se arată destul de promițător: Notorious.